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SpeedGeek Videos

We have now created an annual tradition of our SpeekGeeking series. This year, eight speakers gave micro-presentations on topics from concussion to hockey coaching. See them all here. Special thanks to all of our presenters: marilyn lemon Rowan Meredith Kent Highnam Lauren Florko Darsey Meredith Jereme Brooks Julie Daum Amanda Semenoff Dan Williams

CoRe Reads

Once again, CoRe is encouraging folks interested in conflict resolution to join us in summer reading on conflict themes. This time, however, we are doing something a little different... CoRe Reads is our riff on the well-known Canada Reads program, but with a collaborative difference! For more details see our CoRe Reads page. Each of... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Board, Darsey!

We're delighted to announce that at our recent AGM, Darsey Meredith was elected to the Board of Directors of CoRe! Anyone who attends the CoRe Speaker series will be familiar with Darsey and some of her work with CoRe: she has been our livestream operator and videographer since we started making our programming available online... Continue Reading →

Thank you to our volunteers!

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we at CoRe would like to express our appreciation for the generous support of our many volunteers! Our volunteers have delivered insightful and thought-provoking presentations for our Speaker Series, led workshops for our New Mediators Group, and stepped up as mentors to support new conflict resolution professionals. As well, we... Continue Reading →

New Mediators Group today!

Thinking about making a presentation at an upcoming Conflict Resolution Conference? Or maybe wondering if there's a place for you to speak about conflict resolution at an event focused on another profession or interest? Join Sharon Sutherland tonight (Apr. 12) at 7:00pm to learn more about how to make a great  proposal. We'll discuss best places... Continue Reading →

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