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Bystander Responses to Islamophobia

On March 1st, join us to discuss bystander responses to Islamophobia.

Say Salaam: Bystander Responses to Islamophobia

islam image

Credit: ridzdesign

CoRe is partnering with the National Council of Canadian Muslims on “Say Salaam”, a project to develop training on responding to Islamophobia. CoRe is piloting this training for a number of groups in the next few months. For our first pilot event, we invite you to join us in exploring the role of bystanders in responding to Islamophobia. We will examine scenarios of harassment, racist speech, and even potential violence. What can bystanders do to improve the situation in the moment? What more might be done to bring about longer term results?

Bring your conflict resolution skills, experiences and questions to our March 1st session and help create resources for supporting communities and individuals experiencing attacks based on identity!

LOCATION: KPMG, 777 Dunsmuir Street, 4th floor.

TIME: 4:30-6:00 p.m.

RSVP to Livestream will be available.

And join us on March 14th for

Conflict Styles and Collaborative Games

unknowndeborah-whiteJoin Amanda Semenoff and Deborah White in an exploration of the potential of collaborative games to elicit and support dialogue on conflict styles and their impact in negotiations, mediations, and day-to-day communications. Amanda will introduce a quick-to-learn, quick-to-play collaborative game created by mediators and other conflict resolution professionals and guide a discussion of the ways in which collaborative games surface conflict style preferences amongst players. Using the five conflict handling modes of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument as a vocabulary for analysis, participants will explore the ways in which approaches to problem solving and cooperation in games correlates to conflict handling modes in other circumstances. What can we learn from exploring our conflict styles in a non-conflictual setting? What applications are possible to our conflict management practices?

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Speaker Event postponement!


Please note that due to poor driving conditions, the Speaker Event scheduled for tomorrow (February 7th) has been postponed. We will reschedule “Conflict Styles and Collaborative Games” with Amanda Semenoff and Deborah White as soon as possible.

In the meantime, save the dates for upcoming sessions in our Speaker Series:

And join us on February 17th at our new monthly Reading Group at the JIBC library.
For additional information, or to register for any event, please email us at

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February 7th Speaker Event plus!

Join us on February 7th for our first Speaker Event of 2017!

unknownFebruary 7, 2017 – 4:30-6:00

Conflict Styles and Collaborative Games

PRESENTERS: Amanda Semenoff and Deborah White

Join Amanda and Deborah in an exploration of the potential of collaborative games to elicit and support dialogue on conflict styles and their impact in negotiations, mediations, and day-to-day communications. Using the five conflict handling modes of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument as a vocabulary for analysis, participants will explore the ways in which approaches to problem solving and cooperation in games correlates to conflict handling modes in other circumstances. What can we learn from exploring our conflict styles in a non-conflictual setting? What applications are possible to our conflict management practices?deborah-white

It is not necessary to have taken the TKI before attending this session as participants will be given information to self-assess styles. Participants who wish it take the TKI in advance of the workshop can contact CoRe to arrange an online assessment. The cost of a TKI Profile and interpretive report is $30.


ONLINE AUDIENCE: This session will be available for livestream. Check back for livestream link closer to the date.


And join Amanda in a new Readers Group launching February 17th at the JIBC Library!

If your reading list is consistently getting longer instead of shorter block out some time and read with us!

We will meet at the JIBC library at 12:30 and do a quick 5 minute check in.  Then read independently until 2:15 when we will come back together, share any major insights and discuss future reading times. If there is enough interest we will make this a monthly gathering, so please let us know if you are interested going forward even if the timing of our first meeting doesn’t work for you.

The JIBC Library is a great resource in our neighbourhood with a large Conflict Resolution section and a number of journals that can be read only at the library.

Not quite sure where to start, the JI has a few suggested reading lists and these journals:

  • Conflict Resolution Quarterly (ACR)
  • Journal of Dispute Resolution (Missouri)
  • Negotiation Journal (Harvard)

Please RSVP to so we can ensure that we have a large enough space booked.

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Upcoming Events

Special Event – January 23rd

We would like to share an upcoming event that is open to everyone via livestream – and that we anticipate will be of interest to many of our members.

UCLA OUTLaw presents DIANA ADAMS on “How to Protect LBGTQ and Non-Traditional Families under Threat” on January 23rd at 6:30 p.m.


Leading US lawyer for LGBTQ, polyamorous, platonic co-parent & other nontraditional families Diana Adams will explain the most pressing legal needs for these communities to protect their parenting and family rights under a conservative regime. Diana will predict upcoming policy directions after same-sex marriage, and share what all effective lawyer and non-lawyer allies to this community should know. Diana will discuss her experience of working in this field, and share tools for evaluating whether it’s the right field for interested law students.

If you are not going to be in LA on January 23rd, the event will also be livestreamed at Check out the event there and share with friends.

For more information about Diana, see

Speaker Series

Planning is well underway for the CoRe Speaker Series for 2017. Dates have been booked, but we are awaiting a few final details before announcing speakers and topics.  Please save these dates for CoRe sessions this year (4:30-6:00 at KPMG):

  • February 7th
  • March 1st
  • April 12th
  • May 2nd
  • June 6th
  • Oct. 17th
  • Oct. 30th
  • Nov. 14th

And watch for announcements starting this week on topics and speakers!

Writers Group Begins January 20th

We will be starting up our Conflict Resolution Writers Group again this week with a session in Tsawwassen on Friday, January 20th at 10:00-noon. If you’re interested in joining us Friday, or at any of of our future sessions, check out the information here or email us at Everyone welcome!

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Looking forward

800px-paul_furst_der_doctor_schnabel_von_rom_hollander_versionI recently read something that indicated that 2016 wasn’t so bad – it was a better year than 1665 which hosted the last major outbreak of the bubonic plague.  (I wish I could remember where I read this so I could properly credit it!)  Still, while I’m sure we are all looking forward to the start of 2017, we cannot move forward into the New Year without acknowledging some of the successes of 2016.  For example, for CoRe, 2016 was amazing and was definitely worth celebrating.

  • We had eight Speaker Series events thanks to the generosity of ten speakers who volunteered their time and KPMG who continued to support us for the 6th year. From our book club meeting in January through to our annual ethics workshop (which was expanded to a two-part series in 2016 in partnership with Mediate BC), we had a very successful year for idea sharing and learning.
  • We hosted a special dialogue event “Say Salaam: Responding to anti-Muslim rhetoric” and several of our Board members have continued to work to develop workshops on this topic.
  • img_2301Rowan Meredith was the 2016 recipient of the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association Prize for exemplary service to CoRe Conflict Resolution Society. Rowan has volunteered with CoRe for more than six years taking on a variety of administrative tasks (e.g., managing membership lists, overseeing Speakers Series attendance, assisting with website content, etc.) and was presented her Prize by David Read, director of the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association.
  • A collaborative game (Zombie Fight or Flight) was created during the June 2016 CoRe Jolts Game Jam. Zombie Fight or Flight was successfully Kickstarted in November. (For more information, or to learn more about this fun game, please go see


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed in many different ways to making this year a resounding success: our speakers, our board members, our volunteers, the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association, KPMG LLP and our members.  We simply could not have done this without your help and your time.

Looking forward to 2017, we hope to continue to build on our successes of the past few years while continuing to look for and incorporate new ideas.  I went back to school in 2016 and it’s reinvigorated my interest in exploring how we can use mediation and alternative dispute resolution in non-traditional ways.  As a result, I am very excited for the new opportunities and ideas that CoRe can also explore in the coming year.

We are beginning to plan our events for next year, which include:

  • Booking speakers for our Speakers Series, which we hope to announce shortly. The 2017 Speakers Series will include at least 8 sessions beginning in February.
  • Booking another Game Jam. If you have any interest in creating collaborative tabletop games, send us a note so we can include you on our email list for notice.  It would be amazing to see another group successfully release a game in 2017 to follow on the success of Zombie Fight or Flight.
  • Your suggestions! We are planning to explore new opportunities for the upcoming year and so would like to hear from people with ideas (including people who might have an interest in participating in the Board).

If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, you still have time! Please see here for more information

In conclusion, Happy New Year to you and yours!  While I am positive we are all looking forward to 2017, I would like to thank everyone who made 2016 a success for CoRe and am looking forward to working with you all again in 2017!



Jacqueline Fehr is President of CoRe Conflict Resolution Society and an Associate at KPMG Law LLP where she is a member of KPMG Law’s tax dispute resolution and litigation group.  In this photo, Jacqueline is completing a task as a member of GISHWHES Team (Brown)TrenchCoats. 

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Ethics Workshops – Nov. 15 and Dec. 15

Annual Ethics Workshop: Ethics & Standards for DR Professionals

Regular CoRe Speaker Series attendees will know that November is when we hold our annual 2-hour Ethics Workshop.  This year, we have coordinated with Mediate BC to offer a two-part series that includes both our regular 2-hour interactive workshop and a one hour webinar with Arlene Henry, QC reflecting on ethics under the Mediate BC Standards of Conduct.  Together these sessions will provide a rich and interactive exploration of ethical considerations for dispute resolution practitioners.

Session 1: Workshop
November 15, 2016 4:30 – 6:30 PM
Vancouver, BC & Online

This interactive workshop, led by Carrie Gallant, Jacqueline Fehr and Jaime Sarophim will explore different scenarios and the challenges they raise. Attend in-person or online!

Session 2: Reflecting on the Standards
December 15, 2016 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Following the workshop, join Arlene H. Henry, QC for an exploration of various mediation scenarios and how they relate to Mediate BC’s Standards of Conduct. Learn ways you can connect your Agreement to Mediate, the Standards of Conduct and Mediate BC’s Complaint Policy together in a way that will support your clients through the mediation process.
PLEASE NOTE: You can register for one or both of the sessions. (We encourage you to attend both!)

Unlike our usual process, we are asking people to register through Mediate BC’s site.  You must be registered there to participate online. 

You will see a range of price options when you register.  If you are already a CoRe member, choose a level that reflects your membership.  You will not pay a fee for the Nov. 15th workshop.

Please remember that CoRe memberships are renewable at the end of December.  If you wish to renew your membership for 2017 OR purchase a new membership for that year, please choose an option that includes membership for $50.  We will honour all purchases made now for the full 2017 year.

CoRe annual memberships for 2016 are also available for $50 at the door or at

CoRe Clinic is an approved continuing development provider for the Law Society of BC. Its Speaker Series events are pre-approved educational activities for professional development credit. These combined sessions will receive 3 hours of CPD credit from the LSBC and from Mediate BC.

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Oct. 17th Speaker Event – Kari Boyle and Julie Daum

Join us at KPMG  on October 17th, 4:30-6:00 for

Words Matter: Managing ourselves when giving or receiving feedback

Feedback isn’t limited just to workplace performance reviews. Human beings give each other feedback all the time and in a variety of ways. Giving and receiving feedback well (particularly negative feedback) can be very difficult. Since we can’t directly change the behaviour of another person, we need to focus on managing ourselves in challenging and often emotional situations. This is especially true for conflict resolution professionals who are supposed to be modeling fine communication skills.

Feedback is even more challenging in an online environment, particularly when the giver and receiver do not know each other and feedback can be anonymous. What happens when feedback intended in a helpful and constructive way is misconstrued causing a firestorm of controversy in the Twitterverse? Julie Daum will share her recent experience and lessons learned.

Join Kari Boyle and Julie Daum in a lively discussion about feedback. They will provide personal stories, sample scenarios, helpful tips and engage participants in a dialogue about how conflict resolution professionals can use their skills to improve their handling of this tricky area.
Kari BoyleKARI BOYLE has a continuing interest in communication and conflict management skills and processes. She served as Executive Director for Mediate BC for 10 years and is now the Coordinator for the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab. Kari was recently awarded the 2016 Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation.
Julie DaumJULIE DAUM is a member of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in the Burns Lake area and belongs to the Frog Clan of the Wet’suwet’en. Her family comes from the Southside of Francois Lake, but she has been living on her husband’s home reserve, Stellaquo for the past 20 years, where they have been raising their 5 children. Julie is a mediator on the Child Protection roster and the Canadian Human Rights Commission roster of mediators.

ATTENDANCE: The session will be held at KPMG’s downtown Vancouver office (777 Dunsmuir Street, 4th floor). RSVP to to confirm your seat.

LIVESTREAM: Link will be provided shortly before the presentation. For people attending by livestream, we encourage you to make a donation to CoRe online at

Attendance at the speaker series is free for CoRe members and volunteers, $20 for others. Pay ahead online at or bring a cheque or exact change to pay at the door. CoRe annual memberships for 2016 are available for $50 at the door or at

CoRe Clinic is an approved continuing development provider for the Law Society of BC.

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Theatre, Conflict Resolution and Writers Group!

Theatre and Conflict Resolution Speaker Event

October 4th, 4:30-6:00 at KPMG (4th floor, 777 Dunsmuir) 

AshleySharonJoin us October 4th for a lively discussion of the ways in which theatre can contribute to our understanding of conflict resolution, and might even increase our skills! Mediator/Fringe performer Ashley Syer and mediator/Fringe Board member Sharon Sutherland will lead the discussion.  If you didn’t get the chance to see any of the Fringe recommendations, come anyway!

RSVP: Please email us at if you plan to attend.  It greatly assists us with set-up and our refreshments order if we have a good sense of numbers.

LIVESTREAM: We plan to livestream this event and will post the link here and on the facebook event page shortly.  Please let us know if you intend to join us via livestream.

Writers Group

Our regular Conflict Resolution Writers Group is starting up again for a productive fall.  We meet for 2 hours most Fridays and Saturdays beginning Friday, September 30th.  Some sessions are online, others are in person meetings are locations around the Lower Mainland.

If you’ve been considering doing some writing on a  Conflict Resolution topic – or are just looking for the motivation to write that working in a group can bring – check out our schedule here.

Conflict Resolution Week Media Releases

We are encouraging people who might be interested in drafting a Media Release of some kind to join us on Friday, Nov. 4th (Vancouver location tba).  We’ll spend a bit of time at the beginning of the session talking about how to prepare Media Releases, where to send them, etc. in anticipation of Conflict Resolution Week, November 19-26.  If you’ve been thinking about hosting a #ConResWeek event and want to make sure people know about it, consider joining us to craft a media release.

Blogging on Conflict Resolution Topics

Have you been thinking about blogging on a Conflict Resolution topic? Both CoRe and Mediate BC welcome blog posts for publication, as do many other conflict resolution and related sites.  In fact, Mediate BC is actively seeking content in connection with Conflict Resolution Week for its own blog and to share with partners like Small Business BC and ClickLaw.

If you’d like to get started on your first blog or just like the idea of joining others to brainstorm and create blog posts on Conflict Resolution topics, let us know. We are planning a blog-specific session in November and want your input into location and date.




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Join us on the Fringe!

CoRe is going to the Vancouver Fringe Festival this year, and we are hoping many dispute resolution professionals will join us!  We will be identifying, attending, and discussing plays that offer a lens for meaningful discussions of conflict and conflict resolution.  You can join us in this exploration in three ways:

  • does notPlan to attend the September 15th performance of Does Not Play Well with Others at 8:30 at the Revue Stage! Puppeteer Adam Francis Proulx will be joining members of the mediation community in the Fringe Bar after the performance to discuss conflict themes in the performance.  He is giving a great deal of thought to the topic as he is also a featured presenter at CLEBC’s Dispute Resolution Conference the next day.
  • Check out one or more of the “conflict resolution plays” recommendations from VanFringe Executive Director David Jordan and CoRe Vice President and VanFringe Board Member Sharon Sutherland. David and Sharon have each identified plays that they anticipate will offer interesting insights into conflict.
  • Watch one or more of the recommended plays and then join us at the CoRe Speaker Series session on October 4 when we will be discussing theatre as a tool for understanding conflict. (This one comes with CPD!)

David Jordan

David’s Conflict Resolution Picks

VanFringe ED David Jordan is well known for his ability to spot the best of the upcoming plays each year! Long time Fringe goers eagerly await his recommendations before booking their tickets.  We asked David if he’d be willing to apply his insider knowledge and skill to selecting a list of plays that would be especially relevant for conflict resolution professionals.  Here’s his picks:

  • Does Not Play Well with Others (“Will be fun and feature lots of different conflicts that escalate”)
  • Mrs. Barbour’s Daughter (Mary is facing eviction. Sole remaining occupant of a building due for demolition Mary is standing her ground… or rather sitting!)
  • Love Is a Battlefield (“Martin and Vanessa are excellent actors and their on stage conflict will likely be very real and well articulated through psychological action.”)

SharonSharon’s Conflict Resolution Picks

For many years, Sharon has incorporated various theatrical tools directly into her conflict resolution practice and training, so she struggled to keep her list of plays to a reasonable number.  She notes, “There are just so many different ways that theatrical productions can generate invigorating and useful reflection amongst conflict resolution practitioners – depictions of direct conflict, examples of outstanding conflict resolution skills, opportunities to gain greater understanding of different perspectives, metaphorical representations that allow us distance to reconsider our assumptions about conflict and its resolution…  How to choose?”

And consider catching two plays that Sharon reviewed positively as plays for conflict resolution professionals last year that will each run soon after the Festival: The New Conformity which is part of the Fringe Pick Plus and Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Climate Chaos showing in Fringe Presents.



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Congratulations, Rowan Meredith – 2016 VMAA Prize recipient

Rowan Meredith (centre) receives the VMAA Prize from CoRe president Jacqueline Fehr and VMAA director David Read.

Rowan Meredith (centre) receives the VMAA Prize from CoRe president Jacqueline Fehr and VMAA director David Read.

We are delighted to congratulate Rowan Meredith on her selection as the 2016 winner of the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association Prize for exemplary service to CoRe Conflict Resolution Society.  Rowan received her prize – a $500 cheque – from VMAA director  David Read on August 8th.

Rowan has volunteered with CoRe for more than six years – taking on a variety of administrative tasks (e.g. managing membership lists, overseeing Speakers Series attendance, assisting with website content, etc.) Last year, Rowan stepped in to manage all aspects of Speaker Series events when our regular Speaker Series coordinator was sidelined for an extended period through injury.  During that time, Rowan handled all details of Speaker event planning, promotion, and scheduling, and even stepped in to assist with live streaming of events as needed. We are incredibly grateful to Rowan for ensuring our programming continued uninterrupted over the course of the year.

Rowan has just completed her first year of law school at UCLA, but continues to assist with CoRe administration online.  She stays actively engaged with the BC dispute resolution community through her CoRe activities and volunteer work on the CLE Dispute Resolution Conference planning team. We look forward to her return to BC in January 2017 when she will attend University of Victoria as a visiting student for a term.

Congratulations, Rowan!  And thank you to the VMAA for its generous support of our students!

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