Dispute Resolution as a First Career

I Wanna Drive the Zamboni

Over the next few months, Mediate BC is running a blog series discussing the feasibility of launching a first career as a dispute resolution professional, whether that is as a mediator, settlement counsel, collaborative practitioner, or other dispute resolution specialist.  This is a topic that has always been of special interest to CoRe given our start as a law student-run initiative at UBC aimed at providing mediation experience to those entering the legal profession.

As well, CoRe Board Member Sterling Nelson will chair a panel on the topic at the CLEBC Dispute Resolution Conference – Share the Land – on November 10th.

If the topic interests you, plan to attend the conference; check out the Mediate BC series and contribute your comments; and perhaps join the discussion on LinkedIn in the Mediate BC Open Group or Roster Group.

Posts so far:

Introduction to the series by curator, Sharon Sutherland:  “I Wanna Drive the Zamboni” OR Is a First Career in Dispute Resolution an Impossible Dream?

Robin Phillips identifies 10 Common (and Discouraging) Pieces of Advice Offered to New Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

This series will also include:

  • Responses to the “Facts” by Nancy Cameron, QC and Darrin Hotte.
  • The challenges and opportunities of developing a practice in a smaller community by Emily Pos.
  • A vlog discussion, facilitated by C.D. Saint, about the challenges of building a practice.
  • Thoughts on ways to bridge the gap between training and experience by Rob Finlay.
  • Profiles of 10 BC professionals who made DR a first career.



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