Oct. 17th Speaker Event – Kari Boyle and Julie Daum

Join us at KPMG  on October 17th, 4:30-6:00 for

Words Matter: Managing ourselves when giving or receiving feedback

Feedback isn’t limited just to workplace performance reviews. Human beings give each other feedback all the time and in a variety of ways. Giving and receiving feedback well (particularly negative feedback) can be very difficult. Since we can’t directly change the behaviour of another person, we need to focus on managing ourselves in challenging and often emotional situations. This is especially true for conflict resolution professionals who are supposed to be modeling fine communication skills.

Feedback is even more challenging in an online environment, particularly when the giver and receiver do not know each other and feedback can be anonymous. What happens when feedback intended in a helpful and constructive way is misconstrued causing a firestorm of controversy in the Twitterverse? Julie Daum will share her recent experience and lessons learned.

Join Kari Boyle and Julie Daum in a lively discussion about feedback. They will provide personal stories, sample scenarios, helpful tips and engage participants in a dialogue about how conflict resolution professionals can use their skills to improve their handling of this tricky area.
Kari BoyleKARI BOYLE has a continuing interest in communication and conflict management skills and processes. She served as Executive Director for Mediate BC for 10 years and is now the Coordinator for the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab. Kari was recently awarded the 2016 Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation.
Julie DaumJULIE DAUM is a member of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in the Burns Lake area and belongs to the Frog Clan of the Wet’suwet’en. Her family comes from the Southside of Francois Lake, but she has been living on her husband’s home reserve, Stellaquo for the past 20 years, where they have been raising their 5 children. Julie is a mediator on the Child Protection roster and the Canadian Human Rights Commission roster of mediators.

ATTENDANCE: The session will be held at KPMG’s downtown Vancouver office (777 Dunsmuir Street, 4th floor). RSVP to coreclinic1@gmail.com to confirm your seat.

LIVESTREAM: Link will be provided shortly before the presentation. For people attending by livestream, we encourage you to make a donation to CoRe online at https://coreclinic.wordpress.com/support/.

Attendance at the speaker series is free for CoRe members and volunteers, $20 for others. Pay ahead online at https://coreclinic.wordpress.com/speaker-series/ or bring a cheque or exact change to pay at the door. CoRe annual memberships for 2016 are available for $50 at the door or at https://coreclinic.wordpress.com/membership/.

CoRe Clinic is an approved continuing development provider for the Law Society of BC.

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