About CoRe

CoRe Conflict Resolution Society (“CoRe”) was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in July 2002 and registered as a charity in December 2003.  Its current mandate is to provide education on conflict resolution topics and to enhance knowledge of collaborative decision-making processes.  To achieve this aim, CoRe runs an annual Speaker Series and offers negotiation and mediation training.

CoRe Board members and mediation mentors are available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics related to conflict resolution.

CoRe was started by a group of UBC Law students who sought to provide mediation services to the community. From 2001 to 2013, CoRe provided free and low cost mediation services to individuals, campus organizations at UBC, and non-profit organizations through the CoRe Clinic.  Some CoRe Clinic mentors continue to offer occasional co-mediations through an informal mentorship process.  For further details, email coreclinic1@gmail.com.

CoRe Values

CoRe Conflict Resolution Society’s mandate is to provide education and community awareness about conflict resolution and to promote mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. In order to attain these purposes, the Society and its members are committed to seeking and understanding diverse perspectives and experiences, and creating an environment where knowledge is shared and respected, with a goal of continuous learning and growth.  As a Society and as a Board we affirm our commitment to creating an anti-racist community wherein we identify, discuss, and challenge issues relating to race, colour, and ethnicity. Identifying how race, culture, gender, sexuality, economics, colonialism, power, and other experiences impact individuals’ and communities’ experiences of conflict is imperative to the success of our work.

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