Speaker Series

CoRe Conflict Resolution Society presents an annual speaker series focused on topics of interest to conflict resolution professionals and students.

Sessions are held at KPMG, 777 Dunsmuir Street, 4th floor and begin at 4:30 p.m.  Sessions usually run until 6:00, except the annual Ethics sessions which runs until 6:30.

The full series of 8 sessions per calendar year is complimentary with membership in CoRe.  Non-members may attend individual sessions for $20 per event.  Pay for any Speaker Series event at the door or through Paypal. Sessions are often available for livestream viewing: we encourage livestream viewers to make a donation  to support this service.


Upcoming Events

Monday, June 26 – Studies in Introversion: a reflection on conflict resolution

PRESENTERS: Jacqueline Fehr, Yuki Matsuno & Rowan Meredith (with Sharon Sutherland)

Join our panel for a discussion about introversion and conflict resolution.  What does it mean to be introverted? and how might it affect one’s interaction within the legal system, generally, and negotiation, mediation and other collaborative processes, specifically?  Consider these questions and more in this discussion of the varied ways in which we interact with the world.

And Save the Dates

  • September 27 – “Speed Geeking” – 5 minute presentations on varied topics related to conflict resolution.
  • Oct. 30 – “Collaborgrams” with Lam Tang.
  • Nov. 14 – Ethics session.

Please remember that CoRe memberships are renewable at the end of December.  If you wish to renew your membership for 2017 OR purchase a new membership for that year, please choose an option that includes membership for $50.  We will honour all purchases made now for the full 2017 year.

CoRe annual memberships for 2016 are also available for $50 at the door or at https://coreclinic.wordpress.com/membership/.

The CoRe Clinic is an approved continuing development provider for the Law Society of BC. Its Speaker Series events are pre-approved educational activities for professional development credit. Real time attendance via livestream will provide CPD credit. Viewing the recorded livestream will only count for CPD credit when viewed with another lawyer or law student. Please see the LSBC rules if you have questions.

For additional information, or to register for any event, please email coreclinic1@gmail.com.

Past Events


  • March 1 – Say Salaam – Bystander Responses to Islamophobia
  • March 14 – Conflict Styles and Collaborative Games. Presenters: Amanda Semenoff and Deborah White.
  • April 12 – Financial Mediation: Clarifying money matters through a neutral financial document. Presenter: Patricia Lalonde.
  • June 6 – Decolonizing and Indigenizing Reconciliation. Presenter: Patricia Barkaskas.


  • January 26 – CoRe Book Club discussion of Octavia Butler’s Fledgling  Facilitated by Julie Daum.
  • February 16 – Special Dialogue Event Say Salaam: Responding to anti-muslim rhetoric  Facilitated by Shelina Neallani.
  • March 8 – Damage Control? Strategies for Working with High Risk and Hard to Serve Populations Speaker: Jereme Brooks (Watch the recorded Livestream; or review Jereme’s presentation.)
  • April 19 – Conversational Intelligence™ Speaker: Carrie Gallant (Recorded Livestream)
  • May 10 – How to Problem Solve with an Adversarial Negotiator (or Empathy for Zombies)  Facilitators: Carrie Gallant and Sharon Sutherland
  • June 7 – Resilient by Choice Speaker: Sue Drinnan
  • Tuesday, October 4 – Theatre through a Conflict Resolution Lens. Facilitators: Ashley Syer and Sharon Sutherland. Watch the recorded livestream.)
  • October 17 – Words Matter: Managing ourselves when giving or receiving feedback. Presenters: Kari Boyle and Julie Daum Watch Livestream and Download the slides.
  • November 15th AND December 15th, 5:00-6:00 (Webinar), Annual Ethics Workshop: Ethics & Standards for DR Professionals. Presentation in conjunction with Mediate BC.


  • January 20 – The Civil Resolution Tribunal  Speaker: Shannon Salter (Watch the recorded Livestream)
  • February 19 – Eye of the Storm: How Mindful Leaders Navigate Chaotic Workplaces  Speaker: Ray Williams (Watch the recorded Livestream)
  • April 23 – Making Best Use of the Mediator  Speakers: Colleen Cattell, QC and Howard Nemtin (Watch the recorded Livestream and download the related slides here).
  • May 26 – Reconciliation and Consensus Decision-Making: the Cooperative Management of Protected Areas  Speaker: Tom Nesbitt (Watch the recorded Livestream)
  • June 11 – Children’s Participation in Dispute Resolution  Speaker: Arlene H. Henry, QC (Watch the recorded Livestream)
  • September 29 – CoRe Book Club  Leader: Wendy Lakusta
  • October 26 – Culture Change through Tabletop Games: Learning to Collaborate (and “Compete” Together) Speakers: Sharon Sutherland and Emily Martin (Watch the recorded Livestream)
  • November 25 – Annual Ethics Workshop  Facilitator: Carrie Gallant

Events from 2010-2014 may be viewed here. All publicly distributed speaker notes and links to livestream videos are included.



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